OBFUSCATE [OB-fuh-skeyt]: to make obscure, foggy or unclear


To intentionally obfuscate an issue is to do something that makes it nearly impossible for someone to see the point clearly.  It is to insert fogginess into something that should be quite clear.  It is a malicious act to confuse and bewilder someone. Obfuscation is a word which comes from “late Latin,”  that segment of […]

EXCULPATORY: to free from blame or guilt

  Serious court cases tend not to resemble Perry Mason as much as we might want them to. They are seldom exciting, dramatic, or dependent upon suprise moments inserted at the last minute just as everyone believes the verdict is clear and incapable of being adjusted.  For the most part, court cases are tedious, boring, […]

OBFUSCATION: being intentional about concealing the truth

If I wanted to intentionally confuse a situation there are lots of methods to accomplish it.  The easiest way for me is to use lots of words, including lots of difficult or obscure words, to so mask the truth of something that it was unable to be detected.   This is the act of obfuscation. The […]