REDACT: to revise, edit, or rearrange in proper form

redact 2

Redact is a word that comes up more and more these days, given the huge number of TV shows that focus on conflict with (and within) government intelligence agencies.   As viewers of these programs we are used to seeing documents on which words and phrases (sometimes whole paragraphs) have been blacked out “for security reasons.”   […]

ORGANIC: all elements of a good literary work are interdependent upon each other to create an emotional or intellectual whole*.


If you spotted the word organic and assumed that this blog was going to be about fresh carrots or whole milk, you have the wrong blog…at least for today.   Instead, I want to explore the meaning of the word organic as it is used in conversations relating to concepts, as those employed by authors. Organic […]

GONE VIRAL: when an item appears on the Internet and it then is picked up worldwide almost immediately

                  When former Governor Romney was caught on tape during his recent Republican fundraiser he said some things about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes.  It turns out that what he said is not something he would want known by the general public.  But it […]