REPORTAGE [rep-awr-TAHZH]: a written report of an act, based upon actual witnessing or research

It is possible to pronounce reportage as [ri-PAWR-tij], but I love the way the more French pronunciation sounds, so I prefer [rep-awr-TAHZH], with the accent on last syllable.   It is a 19th century word, obviously from the French language.   Its meaning is simple:  it means to report something, usually in writing. I mention this word […]

PROFILE: to assess someone based upon race, ethnicity, or other distinguishing feature

The nation is reeling from recent events which have shaken us  from the tip of Florida to the northwestern corner of the State of Washington.  The volatile issue of race and ethnicity has reared it ugly head once again, just proving to us that our idealistic hopes that we had arrived at a colorblind society […]

SEXISM: discrimination based upon a person’s gender

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision this week to throw out the class action brought by 1.5 million Walmart workers, charging gender bias against the company, raises the whole spectrum of sexism in the minds of many, myself included.  While the Court did not invalidate the question of bias, it ruled that the class action was […]