CLOSURE [KLOH-zher]: to bring to the end, finalize


The people of Greater Boston, first responders, medical personnel, and marathon runners from all over the world have been expressing the same thing.   They wanted the perpetrators to be found and punished so that it could bring closure to the nightmare. When the first of the alleged bombers was killed and the second was found […]

DOGGED [DAWG-ged]: persistent


After having featured the word cowed the other day on this blog, it seemed only appropriate to stay in the animal kingdom to feature the word dogged today.   They are only similar in the sense that they begin with an animal word. Cowed, you will remember, is a one syllable word.  But dogged has two.  It […]

MARATHON : any contest, event, or the like, of great, or greater than normal, length or duration or requiring exceptional endurance

When the bombs went off in Boston on Patriots Day the Boston Marathon was well into its concluding hours.   The winners had come across the finish line a long time ago, and now the “other” winners … those who completed the 26.2 mile course … were surging across the finish line, having seen the attainment […]