THINNING: to cut down on the size of a population


If I throw out the term thinning to you, you probably begin to think about such things as hair waist fabrics disease. But this time, I’m responding specifically to the term as it applies to an action which is taking place in the Blue Hills preserve which surrounds a portion of the city of Boston.  […]

FUNGINEERING: the felt necessity on the part of management to create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace

I listened to a very interesting interview on Boston Public Radio in which Jim and Margery (the hosts) were talking with a professor from Harvard about the changing character of the workplace.   The point around which they were surrounded was the issue of whether a company has a right to insist that its employees be […]

SNOW: like money, the more you have, the more of a problem you experience

A sign in front of the First Baptist Church in America in Providence, Rhode Island, reads: If you’re the person praying for snow, PLEASE STOP!” Today is the 4th Snow Monday in a row for local schools. Boston is expecting a new accumulation of around 2 feet of snow, on top of an already-record 2 […]

FIZZLE: to fail after a good start

sloppy snowfall

Well, once again, Providence was spared from what had been predicted to be a major winter storm. Oh, we received a snowfall of several inches of the white stuff, but the rain which came in the middle of the night created a fizzle in terms of what we had expected.   My understanding is that it […]



As I write this there is an “active” shooter in the Washington, D.C., Naval Yard.  Hundreds of responders have arrived on the scene and a “SWAT” team is moving through the facility to find the shooter.  Reports say that there are at least three wounded persons. I just listened to NPR from Boston and heard […]

HEAT WAVE: three successive days or more with temps above 90 degrees

heat wave

It’s really, really hot out there in New England (and across most of the nation.) The meteorologists keep reminding us that it takes 3 days in a row of temps above 90 degrees to qualify as a heat wave.   This is an elderly heat wave by those standards.  It has been a week of blistering […]