RAISING CAIN: acts of violence, criminal activity, or any other mischievous acts.


Sometimes the origin of a word or term is as interesting as the item itself.   Such is the case for the term raising Cain.  It appears to be an old fashioned term used by people (parents mostly) to describe kids who are somewhat out of control.   Their fun has become loud, active, and irritating. There […]

CORPOREAL [kawr-PAWR-ee-uhl]: related to the body


  I have been under the assumption that the use of the word corporeal when describing a person meant that they were carrying a little bit too much weight.  That is to say, they were fat.  Somehow over the years that is the reference I have had for the word, without realizing that I was […]

INTELLIGENCE: aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc., AND….


There is often a “drum roll, crash!” when someone from the government mentions that we have a very sophisticated intelligence system in this country.   Of course, the pundit is referring to the use of the word which would mean that we have a smart, clever, highly-sophisticated educational system which produces really, smart people.   ( I […]