BULLY (v.): to use an unfair advantage to pressure a person into undesired compliance


The very idea that the Senate will not allow the President of the United States to name a new member of the U.S. Supreme Court is, to me, a form of bullying. The claim is that it is inappropriate to make such an appointment in a political year.  That’s a pile of crap.  It has […]

COWED [koud]: frightened with intimidation


To be cowed is to be so frightened and intimidated by someone that it causes you to shrink and accede to their demands.  It is a word from the Norse/Danish languages which means to oppress.  It has found its way into the American English language in the sense of intimidation and pressure so great that […]

BASH: to criticize; to join in the destructive criticism of someone or something.


There are many meanings for the term bash, but the one I want to focus upon is the act of criticizing someone unmercifully.   It usually includes the idea that the bashing doesn’t necessarily include the truth.  The accusations being leveled toward someone or something are fabricated or exaggerations upon a menial infraction.   A friend […]

PUBLIC PRAYER: posting #2 this week

  I drew some commentary (not all in written comment) this week about Tim Tebow and his public prayer life.   It’s good to have dialogue on such topics.   Having said that, here’s posting #2 which, again, is not meant to be the ranting of a contrarian.   These are subjects about which people are talking, and […]