EPHILIDES [ee-FIL-eh-dees]: freckles


This past week I encountered an article in which I discovered the word ephilides…obviously a word with Greek origins…but a word I did not recognize as having ever seen it.   I looked it up and found that the Dictionary.com online said there was no such word in their lexicon.  So I went further and found […]

ABLATION: the surgical removal of an organ, structure, or part

Every six months I go to my gastroenterologist and he performs an endoscopy.  After being sedated (completely) a tube is inserted into my esophagus and fed through to the point where it joins my stomach.  It is a fairly simple procedure, taking only a couple of minutes, and … thanks to the anesthesia … I […]

PRE-CANCEROUS: showing pathological changes that may be preliminary to malignancy.

The bump on my forehead turned out to be something worth checking, so my dermatologist took a sample.  I’m still waiting for the report back, but if it turns out to be a basal cell tumor he will bring me back in and dig it out.  I’ve had it done before, and, while it’s not […]

BENIGN: not malignant

There are two distinct reactions to the word benign, although the w0rds stem from the same meaning. In the fields of radiology and oncology the word  benign is a welcome word, meaning that laboratory tests on  biopsied tissue has determined that the cells discovered in the human body are free from cancer.  The biopsy snipped […]

SAGACIOUS: having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense

There is a plethora of people to whom could be attributed the word sagacious. It is a word that encompasses not only the Steve Jobs’ of this world, but touches on those personalities who regularly appear in our media as having wisdom beyond the norm and the keen ability to translate that wisdom into practical […]