SECURITY: the feeling that all is under control and I am safe

new security

Linus, the little kid in the Peanuts cartoon, is connected at the hip to his security blanket. That is to say, Linus believes he cannot exist without having his “blankee” safe in hand. He drags it everywhere he goes,and when it’s among the missing, he deteriorates to being a little kid without an identity. Security […]

DELETERIOUS [del-i-TEER-ee-uh s]: harmful, injurious (especially to health)


There’s no reason to believe that the glyph to the right needs explanation.  We have come to live in a period of time when the circle with a delete sign through it means “no whatever.”  In this case, the cigarette with a delete sign needs no words beneath it.  It means no smoking.   To ignore […]

AMBIGUITY [am-bi-GYOO-i-tee]: vagueness, lacking in clarity

In most cases the word ambiguity may be used as a negative, meaning that the speaker or the writer has been vague and it is difficult to understand the point (she) is making.  The reader or listener is seeking clarity and is dissatisfied with the way in which the point is being masked by vague, […]