FITNA: a state of trouble or chaos


I read a full-page letter/advertisement from the nation of Turkey in the New York Times the other day in which the writers were committing themselves to continuing friendship and support for the people of Syria.  In the midst of the letter the authors used the word fitna as if to say that this support would exist […]

PELL-MELL: to move in haste, chaotic

Watching the clips of Black Friday shoppers charging into stores, trampling over other people, and out of control, I was reminded of the term pell-mell.  It’s kind of an old-fashioned word which means to charge forward in a chaotic, out of control manner. As a kid I heard the term more than I do now.   […]

TENTPEGGING: an equestrian game requiring skill with a sword or long pole

Tentpegging is an ancient sport in which a rider on a game horse uses a sword or long pole to attempt to split or lift a small object placed on or in the ground while charging down a field. However, one of its origins is Asian, in which a rider attempts to place the sharp […]

WELTER: to become deeply or extensively involved, associated, entangled

The word welter has a variety of definitions, all of which make reference to chaos.  A welter of activity means a confused, tangled mess in which someone has become mired. To some people, like me, a welter is something to be avoided at any cost.  I would rather spend hours in preparation for activity, to […]