UNFILIAL: not observing the obligations of a child to a parent

Jackie Kay column

My wife’s professional life surrounds the situation of people and families experiencing the diseases of dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease.   Consequently, she meets all kinds of situations, including those in which adult children have rejected or ignored the needs of their elderly parents. It isn’t always as horrible and negative as it may seem when you first read […]

WARILY: cautiously, carefully


The article in the Daily Herald indicated that President Obama and President Putin circled each other warily at the International Conference in China.  Is anybody surprised?   The flow of words between them for the past several months has been anything but cozy. To deal with each other warily means that they were cautious and careful […]

ANODYNE [AN-uh-dahyn]: soothing to the mind or feelings.


I’m jumping ahead in my list of available topics for blog postings.   I read in the NY Times today about Michelle Obama’s trip to China this week.   The journalist who prepared the article referred to the trip as an “anodyne visit.”   I scratched my head for a minute and then looked it up. Anodyne is […]

NETIZEN: a person who spends a great deal of time on the Internet

A headline in the Times yesterday introduced a new word to my lexicon:  Netizen. The writer was talking about the people in China who have become regular users of the Internet to the point of being dependent upon it.   In a country where information is a guarded and valuable commodity, the use of computers and […]

INCITE: to stir up, cause to happen

We usually hear the word incite used to describe the activity which brings about a riot.  Unfortunately it is not difficult to bring to mind pictures which have appeared on the front pages of newspapers or on the late news on television.  I don’t know if it was a less common occurrence when I was […]