BLUNDER: a gross, stupid, or careless mistake


We all mess up sometime. Believe me, I won’t begin to relate the dozens and dozens of times in my life when I’ve made a bad choice, used the wrong word, or said something that came out wrong.  It’s part of the human character to fail to function at 100% for an entire lifetime. But […]

OPINE: to express an opinion

It sounds like an old-fashioned word to me, but I love the word opine. (/oh-PINE/)  As you would have guessed, it means to offer one’s own opinion on something.  It isn’t a negative word; neither is it a positive word.  It is neutral.  It just describes the act of expressing an opinion. So, today is […]

JFK: 48 years ago today

Forty-eight years ago today President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  The world changed that day. In the past month two publications have become available, a novel called 11/22/63  by Stephen King and a biography by Chris Matthews called Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.  I have reserved the King novel for reading over the holiday, but I’m […]

For several years now there has been a public response to the presence of bullies in schools, organizations, sports, communities.   There seems to be a natural aversion to anyone who uses size, power, strength, or words to diminish the life of a weaker person.  In the past year or so we have seen children take […]