FAITH: a system of religious belief


The sum and substance of the Christian faith is found in the story of Holy Week, the days between Palm Sunday and Easter Day.   Every year the Christian community practices that story, either in drama, reading, or liturgy. That is not commonly known to the many in the general public outside the Christian Community.  Over […]

KABBALAH [kab-UH-luh : a mystical method of interpreting Scripture by which initiates claimed to penetrate sacred mysterie


Let me begin with a disclaimer.   I know almost nothing about Kaballah. For several years, however, I have stumbled over the word in all kinds of places: newspaper articles, magazine articles, Facebook posts, television clips, and others.   It seems to be a word that it is assumed I should know about. All I can tell […]

THAUMATURGICAL [thaw-muh-TUR-jik-l] :a performer of miracles; magician


My good friend, Mac Ketchum, sent along this tongue-twister of a word which turns out to be really, really interesting.   Mac and his wife, Cathy, have been our best of friends for 60 years.   He is a retired executive who is the closest thing to a Renaissance man I have known.  He is a really […]

AMBIGUITY [am-bi-GYOO-i-tee]: vagueness, lacking in clarity

In most cases the word ambiguity may be used as a negative, meaning that the speaker or the writer has been vague and it is difficult to understand the point (she) is making.  The reader or listener is seeking clarity and is dissatisfied with the way in which the point is being masked by vague, […]

ABRAHAMIC TRADITION: belonging to a community which traces its history to Abraham

In a very interesting op-ed piece in Wednesday’s New York Times, David  V. Mason, an associate professor of theater at Rhodes College, explains his unique understanding that as a Mormon he does not see himself as a Christian.   This flies in the face of numerous positions that have been stated over the past couple of […]

AVATAR: the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form or some manifest shape; the incarnation of a god.

Before you write to tell me that I’ve already talked about the movie, Avatar, let me explain.  This post is not about the movie, Avatar; it is about the word, avatar. I was not aware of the fact that the word was a noun in existence prior to the movie.  It turns out that it […]