RAPACIOUS [ruh-PEY-shuh s] : inordinately greedy; predatory; extortionate


In the current conversations (there are a lot of them) about the separation between the classes in America, it is clear that greed and self-aggrandizement play major roles.   We have watched the upper 1% members of the American economy pull away to the point that they now represent an income level which is soaring. … […]

JUSTICE OR POLITICS?: The Supreme Court takes a controversial stance on campaign financing

supreme court

I suppose it’s a matter of perspective. But from where I sit, it looks as if the decision made by the Supreme Court regarding extension of maximum contributions to political campaigns by corporations has little to do with “what’s best for the United States of America.”  It looks like a purely political decision, in which […]

IATROGENIC [ahy-a-truh-JEN-ik]: a medical disorder caused by the inadvertent diagnosis, manner, or treatment of a physician

“ Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.” How many times have we heard this, or something like it?  There’s  no question that some therapies required as treatment for serious illnesses are painful, nauseating, debillitating, and just plain awful.   But the hope is that the therapy is temporary and the result is permanent. The […]

CORPORATION: persons united in a body for some purpose

The dialogue/argument about the nature of corporations has picked up steam in the last few weeks as those involved in politics articulate their affection for or displeasure with the Supreme Court’s approval of SuperPac funding.  In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a 2010 decision, the Courts indicated that non-affiliated groups could collect and dispense […]