INJUSTICE: violation of the rights of others


It is easy to romanticize the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. to a point that it loses its significance.   That may seem like a harsh comment on this annual day of recognition of the civil rights leader.   But it is not a criticism of King.  It is a comment on the way in which […]



I was reading an article about a recent event honoring recipients of the Medal of Honor and it occurred to me that all of the recipients in the picture were men.    I asked myself if I had ever seen anything about a woman receiving the distinguished honor, and I came up blank. It turns out […]

A LINE IN THE SAND: to establish a boundary that cannot be crossed without retailiation

A line in the sand

A Line in the Sand is a  phrase that is so common that it takes very little explanation.    It stems from the practice of creating a demarcation limit.   Quite simply, a line is drawn in the sand and the opposition is told that they are free to take whatever actions they require on the other […]

CIVIL WAR: a military conflict within a nation, between opposing forces

150 years ago today shots were fired on Fort Sumter, thus commencing the bloodiest war ever fought by American troops.  That horrible fact is made even more horrific by acknowledging that the American troops were firing upon other Americans, some of them siblings, cousins, and former close friends.  The United States Civil War, known by […]

ANTEBELLUM: existed before the Civil War

The word antebellum is used frequently in the arena of architecture to identify buildings which existed in the years before the beginning of the Civil War in America.   There is actually quite a variation in style and design, but the ones which seem to characterize the type called antebellum are the plantation homes of the […]