RETICENT: to be silent or not to speak freely


To be reticent is not exactly the same as being shy. Shyness is a condition a person has which prevents them from being anywhere near the center of attention.   It is a psychological condition which demonstrates itself as doing anything to avoid doing or becoming involved in (something) due to nervousness or a lack of […]

CERTAINTY: without a doubt


There is little in life about which one can be absolutely certain.  Except, maybe, that one day each of us will die.   In spite of cryogenics (the freezing of the body in expectation that it will be restored to life) I don’t know of any sane person who believes that (she) will avoid death. But […]

GREENLIGHT (the verb): to authorize or give permission to proceed


Today’s word, greenlight, was submitted by my good friend, Bill Thomas. Bill and I studied screenwriting together at Brown University a few years ago.   But, you may know of Bill from his career as a singer/songwriter.  He was responsible for writing much of the music that was featured on Captain Kangaroo,the children’s series that was […]

CONFIDENCE: trustworthy

Having faith in someone’s ability to accomplish important tasks is a commodity that exceeds almost everything … even financial reward.   As one progresses from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood it becomes clearer each day that we are not solitary citizens of this planet.   To the contrary, we are cohabitants with millions of others, some […]