CENTRIST: one who seeks the middle ground between extremes


In a political year such as 2016, a whole new vocabulary arises as candidates struggle to define themselves and their opponents.  Sometimes the word struggle is unsatisfactory and tends to be more pejorative than is needed.  It seems the nature of politics in this particular moment in history is more about damaging others’ reputations than […]

HEGEMONY [hi-JEM-uh-nee]: the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others

While hegemony is a word that primarily denotes the act of a singular country or world power taking control of weaker entities, it has a meaning that is far more familiar to us in the United States today.    Hegemony can also apply to a force within a country that becomes so powerful as to be […]

VEEP: a casual, abbreviated way of identifying the Vice President

Now that it’s official, Paul Ryan will be the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, things begin to get a little clearer in the campaign.   There’s been an awful lot of “mush” over the past several weeks and months, but Ryan’s selection clarifies what the rest of the election campaign will be […]

EQUAL COMPENSATION: women making the same wages as men

Maybe I’m just agitated over the political news from Wisconsin this morning, but the Republican effort to scuttle the legislation affording women equal compensation really ticks me off.* When I heard the results of the votes in Congress which rejected the proposed legislation I was incredulous.  I had to pull out my cell phone and […]

MARRIAGE: the relationship between two persons who have committed themselves to each other without exception

Some would say that we have entered the “wedding season,” when weddings are happening all over the place.   The traditional month for weddings is June, but it is clearly more a “spring/summer” thing than a specific month. But not only is this a traditional season for weddings, it has also become a season for debate […]

BIRTHERS: a conservative group who dispute the American birth of the President

The precipitous growth of populist organizations on the conservative side of things has spawned groups commonly recognized in the media by the supplementing of a word by the syllable “…ers.” For example, a group of conspiratorial folk have questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s citizenship, claiming that he was not born in the United States. […]