BATHETIC : something that’s overly sentimental, gushy, and insincere.


I’ve said it before.  I’m not really fond of musicals.   Particularly those that are gushy, predictable love stories.   The hero always gets the girl.  She swoons and falls into his arms.  They kiss and walk off into the sunset holding hands. That kind of writing just makes me want to barf.   It’s saccharine, silly and […]

TOXIC: poisonous, capable of bringing on death


You’re probably familiar with the chemical meaning for the word toxic.   It describes chemicals, venoms, mushrooms, or other substances that are poisonous and capable of killing someone. Toxic is a word that comes from Latin and Greek origins, toxicum being the Latin word for “poisonous.”   Interestingly, the Greek word, toxikòn phármakon, means “bow poison,”  […]

WORKSHOP (verb): to present a written piece to a group for criticism and advice


WRITER’S CIRCLE: a group of like-minded writers needing support for their work, either through writing peer critiques, workshops or classes, or just encouragement


Yesterday was a memorable day for me as I sat for the first time in Rhode Island Writer’s Circle, a gathering of men and women who are devoted to the craft of writing.    I have been a member of a writing group before,  a group that grew out of a writing class I was taking […]

CRITIQUE: to review or analyze critically. (

It has become a holiday tradition for us to go to a movie on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We started this practice innocently when we found ourselves without a plan for a Christmas day, a houseful of family, and an inner need to do something other than crash on the sofa. Since then it seems like […]