MADDING: acting in a frenzied manner

madding crowd

Some people like crowds.  Some don’t. Some people receive energy by being in a crowded place.  Others get claustrophobia. Crowds can be vehicles of great celebration.   Crowds can be militant and vicious.   Obviously, when in the 18th century,  he wrote the poem, Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard,  Thomas Hardy portrayed the crowd […]

CLAUSTROPHOBIA [klaw-struh-FOH-bee-uh]:an abnormal fear of being in enclosed or narrow places


Reading about an NYU student who was trapped in a 2 foot wide space between his dormitory and a garage building in New York reminded me that I had the word claustrophobia on my list of words to explore.  As one who experiences claustrophobia I found myself getting all tight in the chest as I […]

TEEMING: swarming, overflowing

There’s a huge difference between the meaning of the words crowded and teeming.   It has to do with the feeling of the situation. A funeral home may be crowded with mourners or a bus stop may be crowded with commuters.  It means that there is a large group of people in a place that may […]