CARDIO: heart


Forgive me if I alter the content of this blog posting.   Usually I am intent upon trying to define a word and put it into context.   Today, however, I want to do something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I am a cardiac patient, having had several cardiac events over the years, […]

CHRYSALIS [KRIS-uh-lis]: the hard shell covering surrounding a caterpillar which is becoming a butterfly


Every middle school science student has learned about the chrysalis.  If the science teacher is creative, the class has spread out in the fields to find one hanging on a branch.  It is a tubular, hard shell, hanging only by a thread.  Some are transparent; others are not. When taken back to the classroom and […]

HOPE: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best


The images we see on television are incomprehensible to those of us in our safe homes away from Oklahoma.   We would have to be there on the scene to have a true appreciation for the destruction people there awoke to this morning.  The F-4 tornado which swept through Moore and its neighboring communities is probably […]

MORIBUND [MAWR-uh-buhnd]: dying, near death


I came across a comment the other day that struck me as incorrect.  The person wrote that the issue of gun control legislation in Congress was moribund.   As I read on, I discovered that the writer was saying that it was “dead on arrival” on the floor of Congress.   Had he not used this term, […]

GRIM: having a harsh, sinister, forbidding appearance


The “Grim Reaper” (pictured to right) is a euphemism for death.  It is a classic phrase used to soften the harshness of the word death and is depicted as a ghostly, dark character who appears with scythe in hand, ready to “mow down” the victim. In a world where death is treated as a failure, […]

DEATH: end of life

This may seem like a ghoulish posting, but it’s a legitimate result of thinking about significant words that are common in our language.    No, I’m not obsessing on death, and I’m not aware of being traumatized by someone’s death.  I’m just thinking out loud about something that I think is worth consideration. It bothers the […]