QUANDARY: a state of perplexity or uncertainty


Quandary is an oft-used word these days, representing the complexity of a society in which people are faced with tough decisions many times a day.  There is a yearning for some for the Amish life of simplicity, although I suspect that even the Amish would tell you that their lives are not nearly as complexity-free as […]

WISDOM: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action


The biblical story of King Solomon is the basis for much of our thinking when we refer to the concept of Wisdom. It is commonly believed that Solomon represents the character of wisdom more than any man or woman in history.  Putting aside any biases (good or bad) that you may have about the Bible […]

QUANDARY: dilemma, a state of conflicted possibilities

Would it be better if hard decisions were easy?   I ask myself that question every time I come face to face with a tough situation in which I have to make a choice.   Is the tossing and turning during the night, debating the pros and cons of the situation really worth it?   Why not just […]

INDECISIVE: unable to be clear; wandering around amidst the options

The phrase currently in use in the media is flip-flop.  If it doesn’t appear at least once a day in an article in the major newspapers and on TV, there is something wrong.  It is not only a word that refers to cheap, casual footwear; it is also a jargon term meant to describe a […]

BENIGN PRAGMATISM: a non-aggressive way of using theory and practice compatibly

  A recent article about President Obama referred to him as one who practices benign pragmatism.   It is a perfect term to describe someone who employs a method without it becoming a weapon. That article to which I referred, by Former Governor Mario Cuomo, makes the point that Obama and President Lincoln share a similar […]

INDECISIVE: a state of being incapable of making a decision

When someone is frozen and unable to make a decision, they are said to be indecisive. It is a state which carries with it great anxiety and stress, particularly if the person is at a point of needing to make a clear decision in order to resolve an issue.  Being indecisive is not a matter […]