RENOWN [ri-NOUN]: famous, well-known


My wife has a growing practice in New England which is getting a good amount of publicity.  In one article about her recently, she was identified as “…the renown….”  It took us by surprise, and caused some laughter…maybe nervous laughter more than anything else.  The reality is that in her field she is getting to […]

UNFILIAL: not observing the obligations of a child to a parent

Jackie Kay column

My wife’s professional life surrounds the situation of people and families experiencing the diseases of dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease.   Consequently, she meets all kinds of situations, including those in which adult children have rejected or ignored the needs of their elderly parents. It isn’t always as horrible and negative as it may seem when you first read […]

CONCUSSION: injury to the brain or spinal cord due to jarring from a blow, fall, or the like. *


Not having been athletic at any point in my life, I have been spared from many of the injuries and maladies suffered by friends and companions.   However, it doesn’t mean that I have been home free. A year or so ago I was injured in a home accident and I was thrown to the floor […]

CREASE=MEMORY: a new way of looking at the nature of memory


One of my Starbucks friends is a professor of architecture at Roger Williams University in nearby Bristol, Rhode Island. Eleftherios Pavlides is known to me as “Leftherios” and has become someone with whom I have the most fascinating conversations over coffee.  It is not hard to discover that Professor Pavlides is a native of Greece.  […]

MNEMONIC [ni-MON-ik]: something designed to assist with a memory


The issue of memory loss or failure is very much a topic of concern in today’s world.   As people live longer, well into the “elderly” years, it more and more common for them to experience some forms of memory loss.   For most people it is a normal part of the aging process.  For others it […]

ITERATION [it-uh-REY-shuhn] : to say or do again; repeat


Constant repetition is something that can become irritating to some people.   When a child in the back seat of the car repeats the same question (“When are we going to get there?” or “Are we there yet?” ) it can be the cause of a near-mental-breakdown for parents. A similar thing happens with a person […]