MODERATE (adj.): not extreme, excessive, or intense


There was a day when there were three categories of political expression, the great bulk of which were called moderates.  It was that factor that drew me to register with a political party.  At first I was a registered Republican, drawing my enthusiasm from the political positioning of Nelson Rockefeller, then Governor of the State […]

SCHMISOGENESIS [shmiz-o-JEN-e-sis]: mirroring interactions in which every move by one side makes the other respond more negatively


Wait!  Don’t click out of this just because it’s a long word!  I know, I promised that this blog would be about words we use in everyday language, but I couldn’t ignore this word that popped up in the Times the other day.  Bear with me.  It’s worth it. Schmisogenesis is an amazing word that […]

REFORM: improve by alteration


The urgency in Congress to bring about immigration reform is palpable. There is a lot of emotion about the subject, some of it getting to the level of argumentation and anger. I’m convinced that some of the volatile behavior is based upon the fact that the word reform is being used inappropriately by some.  The […]

ANGER: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence

Who doesn’t get angry?  Anger is a natural response to the perception that something wrong has occurred.  It is, under most circumstances, an emotion which just happens.  You don’t have to sit around and say to yourself, “Well, I think I’ll get angry now.” Under many circumstances anger can be a positive force in your […]

TRICKLE DOWN: a theory of economics which says that benefits come to the ordinary person from expansion of the wealth of corporations and their owners

The trickle down theory of economics is commonly attributed to President Ronald Reagan who championed the idea during his terms in the White House.   It is based upon the theory that if the nation intentionally nourishes the wealthy class the result will be benefits that will “trickle down” to the rest of the people in […]

PROGRESSIVE: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform

In the “name your political inclination” column the word progressive keeps croppping up.  Different people tend to identify the term with varying meanings, so it’s worth taking a couple of minutes to look at it more closely and see what it actually means. In U.S. politics one has to begin with Theodore Roosevelt who formed […]