REDOUBTABLE: formidable.


Yesterday’s running of the Kentucky Derby was classic, in that the winner was known and identified well before the herald trumpet called us to attention, the race about to begin.   For days in advance, it was speculated that California Chrome was going to run away with the roses and become the owner of spot #1 […]

UNITY/DISUNITY: the contrast between cultures and their thinking

The discussions among the various political pundits over the past week have left me cold. From every corner of the U.S. political campus have come prognostications about how various voting blocs will react to the latest disclosures, flubs, shots to the foot, legislative actions … whatever.   It is clear that the acceptable method of discerning […]

LEFT/RIGHT: designation of political ideologies

I had a great conversation on Saturday with a new friend who is a retired History teacher and a Democratic Party activist.   She was talking about the terms “Left/Right” as relates to the designation of political ideology, Left being the term for liberals and Right being that for conservatives.  At least, that is the shorthand […]