URBANE [ur-BEYNE]: sophisticated, polished, suave


It’s easy to confuse the two words:  urban and urbane. Urban  is an adjective that means something related to a city as opposed to a rural setting. Subways, skyscrapers, fleets of taxis, and lots and lots of restaurants are symbolic of an urban setting.   One might also point to a greater amount of diversity, crime, […]

ENTITLED: believed to be endowed with privilege


I had a very interesting conversation with a neighbor who is ready to retire.  Only partially because of age.  She is fed up with the people with whom she has to deal on a regular basis.  Most of them are young (meaning recent college grads or people of that age.)    Part of her job is […]

PERCHANCE: perhaps, maybe


Maybe I’ve been spending too much time viewing the first four years of Downton Abbey.    Someone loaned us the accumulated series and we’ve already worked our way into the third year in just over a week.  It is somewhat addictive. One of the characters of the series is the language.  It is more than […]