PERNICIOUS [per-NISH-uhs]: ruinous; injurious; hurtful


There are few words that send chills up your spine just by being spoken.  But pernicious is one of those words. The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us that it is a word that dates back to  16th century Old French and even earlier in Latin which means death or murder.   Just knowing that is enough […]

ENGENDER: bring or come into being


The act of creating is a sensation which is incomparable.   Whether it be parents who celebrate the birth of a child, an author who publishes a new novel, a stage company who open a new show, a carpenter who finishes a deck, or a child who brings a school-made valentine home to Mom, creation is […]

ALLEGORY: a symbolic representation of a concept

An allegory is a visualization of an idea.   Does that sound complicated?  It’s not. Blind Justice, the statue shown in today’s illustration, is a perfect example of an allegorical symbol.  It is an artistic representation of a concept, that true justice is blind to such things as race, creed, place of origin, gender, economic status, […]