DUNGAREES: casual or work pants made from a denim-type fabric

Young builder in a hardhat and dungarees standing on an outdoor building site checking on order or contract

Today we call them jeans and they are a fashion item.   You can buy them in J.C. Penney’s or you can go to fashion shops in New York City (like 3×1)  and pay ten times the Penney price. We used to wear dungarees (now called jeans) because they were cheap, sturdy, and anything but fashionable.   […]

PERCOLATOR: a kind of coffeepot


“Back in the day” they called a sofa a “davenport.”   Jeans were called “dungarees.”   And a coffee pot, for the most part, was called a percolator. We didn’t do anything easily in those days. A percolator had its own method of brewing coffee.   There were no packets of ground coffee.   Most people didn’t buy coffee […]

KITCHEN SINK: an accumulation of varied items which are seemingly unrelated

Our caterer daughter has the incredible skill of opening our seemingly-empty refrigerator, scanning it for a moment, and then snatching item after item which become a delicious meal.  She refers to her accumulation of varied items as a kitchen sink meal.   It means that the meal is made from an accumulation of seemingly-unrelated items which […]

JEANS: casual pants made from denim

I’m of  the generation that remembers when jeans were called dungarees.  In those days the word implied that the coarse, denim pants were designed for, and purchased for, something called “work.”   Because they were relatively inexpensive and easily cared for, they could be worn to muck out horse stalls, dig ditches, tame a horse, mow […]