DONUT: small cake of sweetened dough, often ring-shaped or spherical, cooked in hot fat


My family gets really uptight with me when I utter the statement, “I’m a purist.” They get sick of the comment, which is usually made in reference to food types.   I just happen to be a person who likes the taste of the base product.   I don’t like sauces put over beef, for instance, as […]

CABINET: only in Rhode Island: a milkshake!

There’s a lot about Rhode Island that’s unique.  Like on Monday when the state observed “Victory Day.”   Rhode Island is the only state in the United States that continues to observe this day as “Victory over Japan” day.   The horrific details of that victory have caused a stir among many Rhode Islanders, but the […]

ARTISANAL: created by a person who is skilled in a particular craft

The current obsession with the creation of  artisan breads, artisan jewelry, artisan photography, and a myriad of other crafts to which the label artisan has been attached has raised the question of the exact meaning of the word.  Most visibly, the term artisan bagels comes up in a popular ad from Dunkin’ Donuts in which […]

DONUTS: an “informal” spelling

I live at the eye of the hurricane called Dunkin’  Donuts.   I can drive no more than a few blocks and hit three of their retail stores.   There have to be dozens of them in Providence.  I go to basketball games, concerts, and other events at the Dunkin’  Donuts Center.   You would be hard pressed […]