VEEP: a casual, abbreviated way of identifying the Vice President

Now that it’s official, Paul Ryan will be the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, things begin to get a little clearer in the campaign.   There’s been an awful lot of “mush” over the past several weeks and months, but Ryan’s selection clarifies what the rest of the election campaign will be […]

MILITARISM: tending to prefer the use of military action over other alternatives

On Chris Hayes’ morning show, Up! with Chris Hayes, a very interesting and intelligent conversation was held regarding the increased use of military action by President Obama over the past couple of years.  Some are applauding the strength of his action against Al Qaeda, and some are deploring the shift from a more concilliatory position […]

SUSTAINABILITY: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance*

The concept of sustainability revolves around the idea that elements of our environment and our attempt to live in a healthy way in this environment require an understanding of depletion and restoration.   If those elements, including food, are to be available to this and future generations care must be taken to avoid depleting the supply […]

“obfuscation, misdirection and straight-up lies” : a commetary on a political agenda

A posting by Robert L. Borosage in the Huffington Post takes issue with assumed Republican Candidate Mitt Romney, and he does it straight on.  In doing so, he accuses Romney of “obfuscation, misdirection and straight-up lies.”   That’s a pretty brave comment which  risks the chance of being  designated dangerously risky by some.   So I checked […]

CLASS WARFARE: the struggle for political and economic power carried on between capitalists and workers.

The term class warfare is actually a term created by Karl Marx and used by Marxists to describe the way in which the elite pound on the lower classes in society.  It is amusing, therefore, to find the words being used in today’s political dialogue by Republicans (primarily) to describe the way in which they […]

RECOVERY: a transitional stage following a crisis

Given my history of hospitalizations over the past year or more, when I hear the word recovery my mind moves directly to the recovery room.  It’s that very important location in a hospital where you are moved for a temporary stay directly after having surgery or some other procedure.  The main reason they take you […]