WORD PATRONAGE: self-referential clarifications made in the context of writing or speaking

word patronage

I was thumbing through Garner’s Modern American Usage the other day looking for something for a piece I was writing.   I turned a page and saw an item listed which intrigued me.  It was Word Patronage.   I was curious what it was all about, and discovered that it was something that related to my own […]

CLICHE (klee-SHAY): anything that has become trite or commonplace through overuse.

I watch enough baseball and basketball on television to be able to recognize a cliche when I hear it.  You can’t get through a couple of innings without beginning to suffer from listener nausea as the play-by-play broadcaster and his “color” sidekick exhaust their supply of  tired, used, and wrinkled phrases which were fun at […]

STORYBOARD: a series of posted notes which arrange the sequence of events in a story or film

  It seems as if the concept of storyboarding is something that most people associate with film-making.  It is a process by which the film-maker lays out the plan on a chart, showing clips from scenes in sequence and then moving them around, expanding them or reducing their size.   When finished (never, really) the chart […]

ALL RIGHT: or is it “alright?”

Every now and then I am asked to do some editing, something I really enjoy, and something for which I seem to have gathered some skills.   I’m better at spotting spelling, grammatical and syntax problems in someone else’s writing than I am in my own.  I suppose it’s the same thing as not letting a […]