FLATED: The state of an object either before being deflated or after being inflated.


Okay, so the past week or so has been dominated by stories about the alleged football deflation by the Patriots.  Every day the story gets more and more complicated and less and less interesting.   With the Super Bowl just days away, it seems stupid to be wasting a lot of time on something that may […]

HUBRIS [HYOO-bris]:excessive pride or self-confidence


The headlines this morning screamed, ASSANGE DECRIES MANNING VERDICT.   My response:  Who cares? Julian Assange, the Australian rebel journalist who delights in publishing confidential documents in the name of “freedom of the press” seems to have opinions on all kinds of things.   From his “prison” in an Ecuadorean embassy in England, where he hides out […]

DOPPELGANGER: ghost-like apparition of one’s “other self”

In common parlance a doppelganger is a person who is so identical in looks to another person (think Tina Fey/Sarah Palin) that it is uncanny.   I have a friend  who looks so much like me that we are frequently confused by people.  We both go to the same coffee shop so it happens all the […]

SENIOR MOMENT: when an otherwise-familiar word or name escapes you

Appropriately designated as a characteristic of aging, senior moment is a term that enters into one’s life more and more as the years pile up.  You don’t have to be elderly to have a brain freeze moment; it can happen to anyone.  But it sure seems to be more and more frequent as the hair […]