VOTE: to express or signify will or choice in a matter, as by casting a ballot


Finally, after millions of dollars and innumerable hours of television advertising, tons of lawn signs, phone calls from all over the country (even though it’s local elections this year,) and doorbells ringing all hours of the day and evening, it is election day in the United States.   The candidates have done their thing.  Volunteers are […]

TORN: to be conflicted

It’s election day in the United States. I’m torn.   Oh, not about whom to vote for.  I’m clear that President Obama should be a two-term President. My being torn is about the direction this posting should take. Should I be light and humorous, taking my cue from SNL or the Comedy Central gang? Should I […]

VIGIL: a period of time designated for intentional prayer or focus on a pending event

I suspect that most people think about a religious vigil when the word is used.  It’s an intentional gathering of people, usually at night, when sleep is sacrificed for the purpose of praying or meditating on a coming event.  There are spiritual vigils before major holy days, for instance. Or, people may think about the […]