INCENSED: enraged

incensed 3

There comes a time when a person is beyond irritated, offended, or unhappy.   It is when one becomes incensed. No, it is not about being doused with the fumes from incense, as in a church setting.   It is the point when one’s emotions are so far beaten up that they explode in fury.   I suppose […]

DECIDE: to make a judgment or determine a preference; come to a conclusion.


It’s almost time for the mid-term election to come to a conclusion.   We’ve all struggled through millions of dollars worth of advertising to the point of exhaustion.   There are times during this process when I swear to myself that I won’t vote…I’m too frustrated with the ridiculous behavior of all the candidates in front of […]

JUSTICE OR POLITICS?: The Supreme Court takes a controversial stance on campaign financing

supreme court

I suppose it’s a matter of perspective. But from where I sit, it looks as if the decision made by the Supreme Court regarding extension of maximum contributions to political campaigns by corporations has little to do with “what’s best for the United States of America.”  It looks like a purely political decision, in which […]

LAME DUCK: an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor


The Miriam Webster Online Dictionary is my source for the definition of the term Lame Duck today.  I looked at a number of definitions from other sources, but theirs was the clearest about something that I have suspected.  Someplace in my ancient history I was led to believe that a lame duck is, as they say, […]

BINGE THINKING: A massive burst of brain activity, mostly useless, in one sitting.


Every now and then an idea hits you and you get a rush of thoughts, images, information, creative thoughts, and somewhat useless data.   It’s a rush.  Unfortunately, we are told, binge thinking seldom results in anything useful.   Like anything else (booze especially) it is better to approach things slowly, calmly, and with some degree of […]

BLOVIATE: to speak pompously


We’re not in an election season (officially), but it only takes the wink of an eye before the 2014 elections are upon us.  Already, there are candidates announcing their intentions to run.  Smart ones are announcing their intention to establish a committee to explore the possibilities of running.   That gives them an out if they […]