ERUDITE [ER-yoo-dahyt]: learned or scholarly


There is a difference between being smart and being erudite. There are lots and lots of smart people out there who are, by nature, intelligent.  Maybe they have a natural part of their being that is built into who they are.  It comes with birth.   Over the course of years their smartness grows into intelligence […]

TOXIC: poisonous, capable of bringing on death

You’re probably familiar with the chemical meaning for the word toxic.   It describes chemicals, venoms, mushrooms, or other substances that are poisonous and capable of killing someone. Toxic is a word that comes from Latin and Greek origins, toxicum being the Latin word for “poisonous.”   Interestingly, the Greek word, toxikòn phármakon, means “bow poison,”  […]

NEOLOGISM [nee-OL-uh-jiz-uhm]: new words


Every time you turn around, there is a new word popping up.  Given the massive number of new media possibilities, there are tons of people out there just waiting to get their 15 minutes of fame in one way or another.  Inventing a new word is one of them.  These new words are called neologisms. […]

DIGITAL CORRECTNESS: decision to print or read digital news as opposed to print news

digital correctness

 The term “Political Correctness” has been around for a long time.  We know that it means that a person has chosen to employ language which is sensitive to current trends in social consciousness.  For instance, one does not use racial slurs or insensitive language about women.    Gender references should always reflect both genders, such as […]

VIS-A-VIS: facing, opposite

One of the qualms I have with our recent sprint to electronic communication is the way in which it takes us further and further away from actual dialogue.   The tendency is to put our comments to someone on FaceBook, Twitter, or even just Email.  The comment ends up living in a safe space, allowing the […]

PHONICS: the practice of “sounding out” syllables in unfamiliar words

Even though I bristle at the sexism of the cartoon I’ve chosen, I have to admit that it’s correct.  Girls tend to do better with such things as phonics than boys.   I’m told it has to do with the way the brain works.  That’s not to say that boys can’t learn phonics, but just that […]