TRAUMA [TROU-muh]: an experience that produces psychological injury or pain.


Yesterday, when leaving Church, we heard the sirens.   They kept coming…and coming…and coming.   It was a tragedy that had occurred at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center just a couple of blocks away.   You probably read in the news  about the circus performers whose equipment failed and they fell onto the floor of the performance center, sustaining […]

HOSPITALER: a person devoted to the care of the sick or needy in hospitals.

Having spent the entire day in the Emergency Room of Miriam Hospital in Providence with a pain-filled wife, I’m finding it hard to get the idea of hospital out of my mind.   For the past 13 hours I have been surrounded by doctors, nurses, aides, housekeepers, clerks, phlebotomists, surgeons, transporters, and other hospital staff persons […]

ORGANIZED CHAOS: some semblance of a system when it seems otherwise

Organized Chaos isn’t a new term, per se. But I have a new appreciation of the meaning of the term, having survived three trips to the Emergency Rooms of hospitals over the last month. One might look at the horde of patients on stretchers, in wheelchairs, crutches, or being carried on someone’s shoulder and relate […]