LOGISTICS [loh-JIS-tiks]: the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation


When traveling throughout the United States we continually come across moving vans on the road.  Having moved as many times as we have, we are attracted to the image. It is then that I discover the word on the truck about which I’m curious.  Logistics.  Now, from my perspective, logistics is a word associated with […]

INCENSED: enraged

There comes a time when a person is beyond irritated, offended, or unhappy.   It is when one becomes incensed. No, it is not about being doused with the fumes from incense, as in a church setting.   It is the point when one’s emotions are so far beaten up that they explode in fury.   I suppose […]

FEAR: apprehension, anxiety, lack of confidence or calm

It’s pretty safe to believe that this topic, fear, is a universal.  I expect that there is no person clicking on this blog today who does not experience fear of some nature.  It may be mild fear, or it may be horror.  But I cannot imagine someone not feeling fear at various points in their […]

ONUS [OH-nuh s]: burden of proof, blame


One of the phrases that people love to quote when it comes to legal proceedings is that “someone is innocent until proven guilty.”  It is a principle that helps to define the American legal system, and one which distinguishes us from the legal systems of many other countries.   Whenever an American is arrested in another […]

AMYGDALA [uh-MIG-duh-luh]: two almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the center of the brain


I know that my banner says that this blog will focus upon words used in common language.  And today is an exception.   I doubt very much if many of you (or any of you, for that part) use the word amygdala in regular conversations.   Unless, of course, you may happen to be a psychiatrist or […]

HERETIC: choice; one who has chosen;anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.


When we are emotional about something we may have a tendency to toss words around without paying much attention to their actual meaning.   This is especially true in such volatile areas as politics, religion, and sexual orientation.   They just come rolling out of our mouths and we move on, not realizing that we may have […]