EBULLIENT [ih-BUHL-yuh nt]: overflowing with excitement and joy


I suspect there are some people in the United Kingdom who are ebullient today.  There are a good number of them in Scotland, and others throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.    The people have spoken, and it is remarkable to report that 85% of the people in Scotland voted!  That should be embarrassing to most […]

INTERDEPENDENCE: mutually reliant on each other


Sometimes we get so engaged with a concept that we allow it to become overwhelming.  That is the case in America, I believe , with a limited and dangerous understanding of the word independence.   Throughout the history of this country we have waved the banner of independence, based upon our understanding of what it meant […]

TENTERHOOKS: in a state of uneasy suspense or painful anxiety


Tenterhooks is a term that is usually preceded  by the word “on.”  It is a 16th century English word, again a portmanteau, which is a combination of the two words tenter and hooks.    Hooks, of course simply means what it says.  Small metal spikes upon which something can be hung. Tenter, however, calls for more […]

BOXING DAY: the first weekday after Christmas, when Christmas gifts or boxes are given to employees, letter carriers, etc.

boxing day

No, Boxing Day has nothing to do with pugilistic events.  To the contrary, it is a day of showing respect and appreciation to those who assist us in our lives.  That includes such people as fire fighters, police, the postal delivery person, etc.   They are often the people who are forgotten in the list of […]

PERAMBULATE [per-AM-byuh-leyt]: to walk about


It’s been a little heavy around this blog lately, so I chose to go to a pleasant word today, perambulate.   It’s kind of an old fashioned, maybe even archaic, word which means simply to walk about.    I learned the word a hundred years or so ago when people referred to baby carriages as perambulators.  […]

MEANDER: to wander aimlessly

With the onset of Spring comes the ability to wander , or meander, through the woods and the fields.  It isn’t a recognized sport; there are no prizes or awards for meandering.  While a 10K race or a mini-marathon might take place over the same route, there is a different purpose.   The race is about […]