CREMATE [KREE-meyt]: to reduce a dead body to ashes by fire


A question which is before people as they age is their desire regarding the care of their body after death.   Some would say it’s a ghoulish conversation, but for family members who have to make decisions, it’s a very practical matter.  If death is sudden, without any indication of its imminence, and there is no […]

AMBIENT : of the surrounding area or environment


There is a huge world, and an even huger universe beyond it.   One need only find your way to a dark environment at night and stare at the stars above.   The massive sky (seen best from such places as Oklahoma where cities and lights don’t get in the way) is so overwhelming.  It makes one […]

FLOTSAM: material or refuse floating on water.

Flotsam is a word you don’t stumble across every day.   But it has existed in the English language since the Middle Ages, where it was used as a derogatory term to refer to those we would call homeless or street people today.  (That’s the last reference to that meaning you will see in this blog.) […]

LOCAVORE: one who consumes locally-produced foods

So … is it an environmental, philosophical, or an economic issue?   It may well be all three. Becoming a locavore is to commit one’s self to purchasing and/or consuming   locally grown or produced food. (“Local” is generally defined as meaning within 100 miles of purchase or consumption.)   The word is fairly new, having crept […]