MISHAP: an unfortunate accident.

mishap 2

It caught my attention when the reporter “on the scene” of a fatal accident described it as a driving mishap.  I stopped the report, backed it up, and listened to it again.  Yep, there it was:  driving mishap.  It didn’t feel right to me, so I took to the resource materials.  Turns out I was right. […]

Résumé: a listing of your life experiences and accomplishments


My wife and I were talking about résumés   the other day and commented on the various pieces of advice we had been given over the years.  Much of it, it turns out, was advice to make a person sound like a perfect fit for a specific job.  It may even have included some information which […]

EXPONENTIALLY: to increase at a rapid rate


It’s another one of those words that is used so casually that it sometimes says something that is really not what the word means. People will say something like “The number of customers at the shop has increased exponentially.”  The store owner is attempting to say that business is good, that what was a trickle […]

HYPERBOLIC [hahy-per-BOL-ik]: intentionally over-stated, exaggerated


I”m not a mathematician by any way you define it, so I’m going to intentionally avoid the definition of hyperbolic as it relates to math. Instead, I’m going to ask you to visit the meaning of hyperbolic expressions, or hyperbole, as it is employed in speech patterns.   It is a term we encounter occasionally, usually […]

HYPERBOLIC: exaggerated

You’ve heard the fish stories before about “the one that got away.”  It was always the biggest, fattest fish in the lake.  Just before I was about to net it and draw it into the boat the line broke and the fish swam away, after looking me in the eye as if to say, “Thought […]