DUNGAREES: casual or work pants made from a denim-type fabric

Young builder in a hardhat and dungarees standing on an outdoor building site checking on order or contract

Today we call them jeans and they are a fashion item.   You can buy them in J.C. Penney’s or you can go to fashion shops in New York City (like 3×1)  and pay ten times the Penney price. We used to wear dungarees (now called jeans) because they were cheap, sturdy, and anything but fashionable.   […]

FLANNEL: a soft, warm, light fabric of cotton or wool or a combination of threads


Well, the temperature outside is dropping fast, and…according to the meteorologists…it’s going to be dropping even faster.  We have early reports of the possibility of cold, wet snow this coming Thursday.   I think it’s fair to say that the Winter season is upon us.   Oh, it’s not officially Winter yet, but who needs to wait […]