FALLACIOUS: deceptive, misleading


It’s a little bit more serious than calling it just a “lie.”  Fallacious is a word that implies a serious intent to deceive, to mislead.    Lies can sometimes just bubble out without a lot of preconceived intent.   But a fallacy is an idea expressed which the “teller” knows to be untrue and which is intended […]

HYPERBOLIC [hahy-per-BOL-ik]: intentionally over-stated, exaggerated


I”m not a mathematician by any way you define it, so I’m going to intentionally avoid the definition of hyperbolic as it relates to math. Instead, I’m going to ask you to visit the meaning of hyperbolic expressions, or hyperbole, as it is employed in speech patterns.   It is a term we encounter occasionally, usually […]

IMBROGLIO [im-BROHL-yoh] : a confused or perplexing political or interpersonal situation

I’ve always considered the word imbroglio to mean a “battle.”   It seems that the occasional time when the word appears it is about a heated debate or even an outright fight. But it turns out that the word has a much broader meaning, referred to a confusion or a misunderstanding.   It is derived from an […]