REALITY: the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.


The entertainment industry understands the difference between fantasy and reality. It is the difference between “The Big Bang Theory”  and  “The Taste.”   One is a piece of fiction and the other is real people doing real things and experiencing real emotions.    If, in “The Big Bang Theory” a mistake is made in the filming they can […]

FABLE: a short tale to teach a moral lesson,


I had a project I was working on this week for which it was important to reference the word fable.  It occurred to me that it is a word that was common a number of years ago, but may not be so familiar in today’s world.  The idea of a fantasy story with animals as […]

FANTASTICAL: extravagantly fanciful; marvelous.

jack vance

The headline in Monday’s New York Times read: Jack Vance, Novelist of the Fantastical, Is Dead at 96 The obituary, written by Bruce Weber, told the story of Jack Vance, the incredible author who rocked the literary world with his inventive and challenging ideas for over six decades.  I have to admit to not being […]

BANNED BOOKS: forbidden to be in children’s libraries and should not be read


I still find it incredible to discover that there are places in the United States that ban books.    For the most part, they are books for children which have been deemed (by some supposedly wise person or group) to be dangerous to the minds of children. Among the most recent listing are such books as […]

VICARIOUS: the act of emotionally taking the place of another person

Why is it that Red Sox fans get pleasure from watching Jon Lester hurl the baseball?  Is it just that Jon is a great guy, a man with a remarkable story, or a good looking young man in a uniform?   There are obviously hundreds of fans who watch him and fantasize that they are out […]

PROSOPOGRAPHY: “the cumulative study of the careers of individual people as a means of escaping from a more abstract, impressionistic, and doctrinaire historiography.”

I love listening to Says You, the adult game show on NPR.   What they do with words is humorous, educational, and sometimes outlandish.  Almost every week I scribble down a word with which they have struggled, adding it to my list of words and phrases to be employed in this blog at some point. One […]