MUSINGS: some random thoughts on an overcast, late winter day

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I just finished reading the “Fiction” section of  last week’s New Yorker.  I haven’t enjoyed reading these submissions as much over the past year or so.   Too bizarre at times.   The selection process seemed to be skewed in a direction which didn’t necessarily appeal to me.   I read them anyway. This  submission was good.   The […]

PLAIGIARISM: using someone else’s material without their permission

This week I am participating in the open-to-the-public portions of a Writer’s Workshop being held at Brown University.   The theme is Writing Creative Non-Fiction.  That may seem like an oxymoron, if you understand that non-fiction is factual reporting.  Being creative might seem like a departure from the facts. However, in last night’s panel the writers […]

FICTION: the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, esp. in prose form.

My mind has been filled with fiction over the past week. I have been in the process of finishing a piece of fiction which has absorbed me. As I “put it to bed“, in the sense of putting the finishing touches on it, editing it yet once more, having spent days editing it over the […]

VERISIMILITUDE: a statement which merely appears to be true (

Verisimilitude is a word that comes from the world of writing fiction. It emerged with the onset of fiction as a popular form of literature, causing some consternation among literary critics. Is the story meant to be true, or is it imaginary? How is the reader to know? What if the reader doesn’t understand that […]

ROMAN A CLEF: a novel in which actual persons, places, or events are depicted in fictional guise. (

———- I love this word/phrase. It is pronounced rōmäN’ ä klā’. What I love about it is that it is something that happens intentionally to some authors, and unintentionally to many, many others. My suspicion is that it is a surprise to many authors to discover that their novel is more autobiographical than they expected. […]