METTLE: courage and fortitude; spirit


I was sitting at a college football game when I heard the parent of one of the players say, This is a good way to test his mettle.” I immediately knew that I had the next word I wanted to post in this blog. Mettle is a word that comes up regularly in conversations, articles, […]

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK: one who “coaches” a completed experience when it is safe… after it’s over

It’s always easier to prognosticate and speculate when you have the facts.  That’s true particularly when the event under scrutiny has already taken place. A Monday morning quarterback is one who tries to sound profound, but only comments after the event is over and the results are known.   It’s easy to say, “I think New […]

DETENTE: the relaxing of tension between nations by diplomacy and negotiation

There are those that believe when tensions begin to accelerate between or among nations it is the time to pull out the military solutions and dust off the missiles.   The emergence of nuclear capabilities in Iran, the incredibly horrendous murder of thousands of citizens in Syria, the deteriorating relationship between the people of Afghanistan and […]

BACKYARD BRAWL: an excuse for beer, bad behavior and … football.

“Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go!” Isn’t that a great song to depict the activity of millions of people on Thanksgiving?   Travel isn’t quite the same as it was when the song was written, what with unbelievable gas prices, pat-downs and full-body scans, and long lines everywhere.   But there […]