CHRISTIAN: a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ


This morning the papers carried the news that Ted Cruz had “won” the Republican slot for the presidency in the Iowa Republican Caucus.  The picture of his victory speech showed him in front of an American flag and a huge cross.   That’s because Senator Cruz boasts that he is a Christian and that it is […]

XENOPHOBIA [zen-uh-FOH-bee-uh] : fear or unreasonable dislike of foreigners

Our family has hosted seven foreign exchange students over the years, and our younger daughter was a Rotary Exchange student for a year in another country. We have also traveled extensively throughout the world where we have experienced cultures dramatically different from our own.  So the idea that anyone has a fear of, or dislike […]

CREATION: the event signalling the beginning of earthly existence

Two factors lead me to the topic of creation today: The charade that took place over the weekend when fundamentalists declared that the world (as we know it) was going to be transformed on Saturday, the 21st.  If it happened, I missed it. The report this morning that the new film, “The Tree of Life” […]