CYBORG: a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device


I’ve never been a big fan of science fiction.  I’ve watched science fiction movies and tv shows…maybe only one episode of a series…but it has never been a great draw for me.  The only book I remember reading in the science fiction category that appealed to me was Steven King’s recent book, 11/22/63.   That book […]

CYBER : computer, the computer network, virtual reality, modern


We are told that this coming Monday is known as “Cyber Monday,”  a commercial observance created by the folks who bring you out-of-control-materialism.    Not to be outdone by Black Friday and Local Saturday, the people at the electronics megacorporations are not featuring a day on which you can do all your Christmas Shopping online. For […]

CYBERNETICS: the study of human control functions and of mechanical and electronic systems designed to replace them

Just before I began writing this morning I was checking my e-mail account and I found myself staring at four words on my screen: inbox, junk, drafts, and sent. As I thought about it, those words would have held a completely different meaning for me just a few years ago.  My personal lexicon has incorporated […]