CERTAINTY: without a doubt


There is little in life about which one can be absolutely certain.  Except, maybe, that one day each of us will die.   In spite of cryogenics (the freezing of the body in expectation that it will be restored to life) I don’t know of any sane person who believes that (she) will avoid death. But […]

PENULTIMATE DAY: tomorrow is the election

It might seem as if the results are already in.  There are people all over the place claiming victory, based upon a variety of things: early voting, somebody’s latest poll, speculation, whatever. The fact is that the results of this election won’t be known until at least tomorrow evening, and some elections will be so […]

FREE TRADE: a system of trade policy that allows traders to act and or transact without interference from government.

We hear a lot of talk in the political sphere about the issue of free trade.  The references may be frequent, but the explanations are infrequent.  It is clear in listening to a number of the political voices that the explanations may be absent because the candidate has no idea what the term means.  Free Trade, […]

THE EUROPEAN UNION (EU): a difficult confederation of individuals

The struggle to create an economic union among European Nations has seen its ups and downs over the past decade or more.   None rates as serious, though, as the struggle to stay solvent following the failure of the economy of Greece in recent weeks.  The race to shore up Greece’s finances has caused the leadership […]