DOUBTING THOMAS: a term which refers to St. Thomas, but which has broader applications

doubting thomas

In Christian churches throughout the world today the story of the man who wasn’t convinced, St. Thomas, is told as the Gospel reading.   In the story, the disciples of Jesus have gathered in a safe place to avoid being arrested for their allegiance to Jesus.   They tell the story that they have seen and heard, […]



I’ve been accumulating some really, really significant thoughts over the past few days, and…rather than writing a blog about each of them (because they’re really NOT significant)…have accumulated them into this single post. I wonder why there’s such a flap  about horses being used to pull decorative wagons through Central Park.  It’s been a custom […]

ANTITHESIS [an-TITH-uh-sis]: the direct opposite

To begin with, a thesis is an idea or concept which is promoted as being the outcome of research.   To have a thesis about something means that you have come to a conclusion which you believe to be a fact.   In today’s world, for instance, the concept that global warming is occuring primarily because of […]

NOR’EASTER [nawr-EE-ster]: a storm coming in from the northeast

When a storm in the northeastern part of the United States comes in from the ocean, particularly from a point northeast of the land site, it is called a nor’easter.  There are language purists who insist that the proper word is a northeaster, but we who live in this part of the country know that […]

CLIMATE CHANGE: a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years*

Nobody likes to be ignored.   Including the Earth. Despite numerous optimal opportunities to speak on the issue of Climate Change, both major political parties have basically ignored the hot potato issue over the past year.   This past week the environment roared back, introducing Hurricane Sandy to a part of the country least capable of handling […]