PRESIDENTIAL GOLF: and the problem is?????

obama golf

The critics of President Obama (there seem to be lots of them) fall into a variety of categories. There are legitimate critics who focus upon his economic, foreign policy, political, or domestic issues. There are racists, who are critical of him simply because he is an “uppety Black man” in their minds. There are political […]

STYMIE : to hinder, block, or thwart.

In golf, a stymie is created when one player’s ball lands on the green in such a way that the second player’s ball is directly between it and the hole. It is necessary for the first player to “mark” (his) ball and remove it so the second player (who is “away” further from the hole) […]

FAIRWAY: the stretch between the tee and the green

I came to golf after spending my youth doing other things. I regret that. I think I might be a better golfer if I had taken it up when my body was slimmer, more flexible, and not quite as settled. I’m stretching the word fully when I say I’m a golfer; I should say I […]