SUICIDE BY GUN: 87 suicide deaths a day in America by gun

gun suicide

Over the years I’ve had my share of connections with people who have committed suicide by gun.   In many of the situations it is inconceivable that the person really needed to take such a drastic measure, even though it probably seemed so at the time. But, as the experts will tell you, one of the […]

COUNTER-INTUITIVE: the opposite to what intuition would lead you to believe


There are lots and lots of examples out there to explain the meaning of the word counter-intuitive.  Many of them are funny.  Some not so funny. The word is a portmanteau (two words combined to make one word), merging counter (meaning against) and intuitive (meaning the use of the mind to determine something.)   If something […]



As I write this there is an “active” shooter in the Washington, D.C., Naval Yard.  Hundreds of responders have arrived on the scene and a “SWAT” team is moving through the facility to find the shooter.  Reports say that there are at least three wounded persons. I just listened to NPR from Boston and heard […]

PROPHETIC: predictive and thoughtfully advisory

A number of people have indicated that President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Speech was, among other things, prophetic.  Douglas Brinkley, the respected historian, said this morning that it ranks among the best 2nd term speeches in history.  He is one who cites it as having been prophetic. Some have said it was more political than prophetic.  […]

GUN CONTROL: legislation which limits the access to and use of armaments in civilian life

I don’t know anyone who believes that the government should take away hunting rifles, target pistols, or other similar non-offensive guns from legitimate, licensed owners.   There is a long tradition of hunting and recreational shooting, including trap shooting, which is recognized in this country and even included in Olympic events.  So the paranoia about stripping […]